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NEW UPDATE from Australian Computer Society

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NEW UPDATE from Australian Computer Society

From 22nd April 2020, the Professional Year requirements has changed by the Australian Computer Society.

Please keep in mind that this is an interim guide and could be subject to change if there is advice from DHA.

  • ELTS –  The below are effective as of 22nd April 2020
    • For any students who wishes to apply and enrol to the PY Program, who have an expired ELTS, they will need to provide proof of booking a ELTS, which must be undertaken before 30th June 2020 before they can commence into the Program. Provisions are now in place from testing centres. PYPs should not be accepting students who do not have an ELTS booking scheduled.
    • ALL students must adhere to ACS entry requirements
      • before 31st May 2020 – ELTS must be valid for 3 years (except PTE and CAE) or “Valid Until Date” as indicated on the ELTS scores prior to enrolling for PY
      • after 1st June 2020 – ELTS must have been undertaken within 3 years, prior to the PY course commencement and must have the correct test score band 6 IELTS in all bands
    • In some cases, Testing Centres are still open, however, have reduced capacity to adhere to government and state restrictions.
    • Both IELTS & TOEFL iBT are now offering ONLINE testing, which I am sure other approved testing centres will follow. ACS will accept these results. PYP must ensure validity and accuracy of the results provided.
    • For those students who have already applied and/or enrolled to the PY Program please ensure they take the necessary steps to undertake their ELTS before 30th June 2020 (as previously indicated)

In cases where a student has an expired ELTS AND has booked to undertake a ELTS, PYPs must sight the students expired ELTS, which cannot be greater than 12 months, for PYPs to gain some confidence that the student can achieve the entry requirements and not be set up to fail, and must advise the student that not meeting the entry requirements will require them to withdraw.

  • Note the deadline for undertaking ELTS is 30th June 2020 (this will be reviewed due to COVID-19 impact)
  • Advise students, that should the ELTS they are yet to undertake, not meet entry requirements that they will need to withdraw from the PY Program
  • Bridging visa associated to 485After 1st June students will have to provide an active BV to start PY (or 485 grant). If BV is not active, providers must not enrol the students
  • Students location must be in Australia – Students must still maintain undertaking the entirety of the course within Australia, as per DHA requirements.

For more information regarding this changes, please get in touch with our Education agent and Migration agent team at info@australasiaeduconnect.com.au.

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